stanford algebraic geometry seminar 2022-2023

The Stanford Algebraic Geometry Seminar meets online, usually Fridays at noon pacific time.

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date and timespeakertitlelinks
(noon Pacific unless otherwise specified)(click for abstract)
September 2Hunter Spink (Stanford)Examples of o-minimality in algebraic geometryslides, video
September 9Adeel Khan (Academica Sinica)An invitation to motivic sheaves (part 1)slides, video
September 16Adeel Khan (Academica Sinica)An invitation to motivic sheaves (part 2)slides, video
October 21Matt Larson (Stanford)The local motivic monodromy conjecture for simplicial nondegenerate singularities383-N (not on zoom)
October 28Matthew Emerton (University of Chicago)Stacks in the arithmetic Langlands program383-N (not on zoom)
November 5-6Olivia Dumitrescu, James McKernan, Joaquin Moraga, Jenia Tevelev, Chengxi Wang, Rachel Webb, Tony Yue YuWestern Algebraic Geometry Symposium (UC Riverside)
November 11Jacob Tsimerman (University of Toronto)Abelian Varieties not Isogenous to Jacobians383-N (not on zoom)
November 18 onlinePierrick Bousseau (University of Georgia)Fock–Goncharov Dual Cluster Varieties and Gross–Siebert Mirrorsslides, video
November 25no seminar (Thanksgiving break)
December 2 onlineChengxi WangCalabi-Yau varieties of large indexslides, video
fall 2022

date and timespeakertitlenotes
(noon Pacific unless otherwise specified)(click for abstract)
Thursday January 12 colloquium (not seminar) 4:30 pm, 380-YSam Payne (UT Austin)Cohomology groups of moduli spaces of curvesin person
January 13no seminar
Thurs. Jan. 19 colloq. (not seminar) 4:30 pm, 380-YWill Sawin (Columbia)The moment problem for groups and beyondin person
January 20Will Sawin (Columbia)Quantitative ell-adic sheaf theoryin person
January 20 (1:45-2:45 in 383-N)Allen Knutson (Cornell)Generic pipe dreams and the commuting schemein person; people can get lunch between the two talks
January 27Dusty Ross (San Francisco State)Putting the “volume” back in “volume polynomials”in person
February 3Hernan Iriarte (UT Austin)Weak continuity on the variation of Newton Okounkov bodiesin person
February 10Aaron Landesman (MIT)Splitting types of finite monodromy vector bundlesin person
February 17TBA
February 24Patricio Gallardo Candela (UC Riverside)A perspective on explicit compactifications of the moduli space of surfaces and pairsin person
March 3no seminar
March 10Shiji Lyu (Princeton)TBAin person
March 17TBA
March 24, 31no seminar
April 7TBA
April 14Eric Larson (Brown)TBAin person
April 21TBA
May 5Hannah Larson (Harvard/Berkeley)TBAin person
May 12Ming Hao Quek (Brown)TBAin person
May 19David Jensen (University of Kentucky)Tropical Linear Seriesin person
May 26TBA
June 2TBA
Winter and Spring 2023
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