stanford algebraic geometry seminar 2012-13

Mondays 2:45-3:45 in 383-N (with exceptions)

Click on the title to see the abstract (if available).  (For earlier talks in this seminar, click here. For related seminars, click here.) For more information, please contact Jun Li, Zhiyuan Li, or Ravi Vakil.

September 24 Zhiyuan Li (Stanford) Modular forms and special cubic fourfolds
October 1 (in 380-Y) Hsian-Hua Tseng (Ohio State) Toric mirror maps revisited
October 8 Daniel Erman (Michigan) Semiample Bertini Theorems over finite fields
October 15 Sam Grushevsky (Stony Brook) The stable cohomology of moduli of abelian varieties and compactifications
October 20-21 weekend Matt Baker (Georgia Tech), Johan de Jong (Columbia), Sean Keel (Austin), János Kollár (Princeton), Burt Totaro (Cambridge/UCLA) The Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium (at the University of Utah)
Friday October 26, 2:30 pm, 383-N Sam Payne (Yale) Tropicalization of the moduli space of curves
October 29 Jordan Ellenberg (Wisconsin) Geometric analytic number theory
Friday November 9, 2:30 pm, 383-N Bhargav Bhatt (Michigan/IAS) p-adic derived de Rham cohomology
November 12 John Ottem (Cambridge) Ample subschemes and partially positive line bundles
November 19 (no seminar, Thanksgiving break)
November 26 Yunfeng Jiang (Imperial College London) On the crepant transformation conjecture
December 3 (in 380-Y) Matt Satriano (Michigan) Toric Stacks and Applications to Cycle Theory
Thursday January 10 Distinguished Lecture 1 of 2, 4:15-5:15, 380-W (fancy tea beforehand) János Kollár (Princeton) Local topology of analytic spaces
Thursday January 24 Distinguished Lecture 2 of 2, 3:15-4:15, Gates B12 János Kollár (Princeton) How to recognize families of Cartier divisors?
February 4 Amnon Yekutieli (Ben-Gurion Univ.) Residues and duality for schemes and stacks
February 11 Xuanyu Pan (Columbia) The Geometry of Moduli space of rational Curves on Complete intersections
Friday, February 22 (4-5 pm, 383-N) Brendan Hassett (Rice) K3 surfaces, level structure, and rational points
February 25 Chenyang Xu (Beijing) Comparison of stabilities
Thursday February 28, 3:15-4:15, Gates B12 Runpu Zong (Princeton) Weak Approximation for isotrivial family
March 11 Igor Dolgachev (Michigan) Rational self-maps of moduli varieties
April 1, 2:45-3:45 pm Nathan Ilten (Berkeley) Equivariant Vector Bundles on T-Varieties
April 1, 4-5 pm Anand Deopurkar (Columbia) Compactifying spaces of branched covers
April 8 Greg G. Smith (Queen’s University) Nonnegative sections and sums of squares
April 15, 3:30-4:20 pm, 383-N Donu Arapura (Purdue) Splittable objects in derived categories and Kodaira vanishing
April 15, 4:30-5:20 pm, 383-N Vivek Shende (MIT) Higher discriminants
April 22, 4-5 pm, 381-U Paolo Aluffi (Florida State University) Segre classes of monomial subschemes
April 29, 4-5 pm, 381-U Zhiyu Tian (Caltech) Weak approximation for cubic hypersurfaces
May 6, 3:30-4:30 pm, 381-U Andrew Morrison (ETH) Behrend’s function is constant on \textrm{Hilb}^n(\mathbb{C}^3)
May 6, 4:45-5:45 pm, 381-U Arnav Tripathy (Stanford) Stabilisation of symmetric powers
May 13, 4-5 pm, 381-U Frank Sottile (TAMU) Galois groups of Schubert problems
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