stanford algebraic geometry seminar 2013-14

Fridays 3:15-4:15 in 383-N (with exceptions)

Click on the title to see the abstract (if available).  (For earlier talks in this seminar, click here. For related seminars, click here.) For more information, please contact Jun Li, Zhiyuan Li, or Ravi Vakil.

October 4 Alexei Oblomkov (U Mass Amherst) Plane curve singularities, knot homology and Hilbert scheme of points on plane
October 25 Francois Greer (Stanford) Picard Groups of Moduli Spaces of K3 Surfaces
November 1 Bhargav Bhatt (IAS) Lefschetz for local Picard groups
November 8 no seminar (WAGS weekend)
November 9-10 Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium, at UCSD speakers:  Aaron Bertram, Ana-Maria Castravet, Sabin Cautis, Zhiyuan Li, Aaron Pixton, Alexey Zinger
November 15 Mark de Cataldo (Stonybrook University) The projectors of the decomposition theorem are absolute Hodge
November 22 Allen Knutson (Cornell) Conormal varieties and the Temperley-Lieb algebra
November 29 no seminar (Thanksgiving break)
Monday December 2, 2:30 pm, 383-N Yuri Tschinkel (NYU – Courant Institute, and Simons Foundation) Igusa integrals
January 31 Nick Katz (Princeton) Equidistribution questions arising from universal extensions
Tuesday February 18, 4 pm, 383-N (joint with topology) Akhil Mathew (Harvard) The Galois group of a stable homotopy theory
Friday February 28 Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley) The Euclidean Distance Degree of an algebraic variety
 Friday March 7 (joint with number theory)  Kiran Kedlaya (UCSD) Sato-Tate groups of abelian surfaces
May 2 June Huh (Michigan) Homology classes in algebraic varieties: nef, effective, and prime
May 2 Zhiyuan Li (Stanford) Special cycles on Shimura varieties of orthogonal type
May 16 Qile Chen (Columbia) A^1-curves on quasi-projective varieties
May 23 Aaron Pixton (Clay Mathematical Institute) Double ramification cycles and tautological relations
May 30 John Lesieutre (MIT) Negative answers to some positivity questions
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