stanford algebraic geometry seminar 2016-17


Fridays 4-5 pm in 383-N (with exceptions)

Click on the title to see the abstract (if available). (For earlier talks in this seminar, click here. For related seminars, click here. For the department webpage for the algebraic geometry seminar, click here.) For more information, please contact Jun Li, Michael Kemeny, or Ravi Vakil.

October 7 Michael Kemeny Syzygies, scrolls and Hurwitz spaces
October 14 no seminar (WAGS weekend)
October 15-16 weekend Enrico Arbarello, Sapienza Universita di Roma/Stony Brook, Emily Clader, San Francisco State University, Luis Garcia, University of Toronto, Diane Maclagan
University of Warwick, Sandra Di Rocco, KTH, and Brooke Ullery, University of Utah
Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium (at the Colorado State University)
October 21 Christian Schnell (Stony Brook University) Pushforwards of pluricanonical bundles and morphisms to complex abelian varieties
October 28 Wenhao Ou (UCLA) Fano varieties where all pseudoeffective divisors are also numerically effective
November 4 Gopal Prasad (University of Michigan) Isospectrality of compact locally symmetric spaces and weak commensurability of arithmetic groups
November 11 Donghai Pan (Stanford) Galois cyclic covers of the projective line and pencils of Fermat hypersurfaces
November 25 no seminar (Thanksgiving break)
December 2 Giulia Sacca (Stonybrook University) Intermediate Jacobians and hyperKahler manifolds
January 13, 4-4:45 pm Hannah Larson (Harvard) Lines on hypersurfaces with certain normal bundles
January 13, 5-6 pm Gavril Farkas (Humboldt University) K3 surfaces of genus 14 via cubic fourfolds
Thursday, January 19, 12:15-1 pm in 384-I
Ashvin Swaminathan (Harvard) Inflection Points of Linear Systems on Families of Curves
January 20, 3:45-4:45 pm Jake Levinson (Michigan) Boij-Soderberg Theory for Grassmannians
January 20, 5-6 pm Ben Bakker (Georgia) A global Torelli theorem for singular symplectic varieties
January 27 Srikanth Iyengar (Utah) A local Serre duality for modular representations of finite groups (and group schemes)
February 3 Steven Sam (Wisconsin) Secant varieties of Veronese embeddings
February 10 Emily Clader (SFSU) Double ramification cycles and tautological relations
February 17 Ionut Ciocan-Fontanine (Minnesota) Wall-crossing in quasimap theory
February 24 Dusty Ross (SFSU) Genus-One Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau Correspondence
April 7 no seminar
April 8-9 Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium (at UBC)
April 14 Dhruv Ranganathan (MIT) A Brill-Noether theorem for curves of a fixed gonality
April 21 Erik Carlsson (Davis) Geometry behind the shuffle conjecture
May 12 Arnav Tripathy (Harvard) Motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants of K3 times an elliptic curve
May 19 John Lesieutre (UIC) A projective variety with discrete, non-finitely generated automorphism group
May 26 Yuchen Liu (Princeton) Construction of hyperbolic cyclic covers
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